We all know that moving house can be one of the most stressful experiences. But by adding a relocation to an unfamiliar area into the equation, things can get a lot more stressful.

You might be moving for a new job, for romance or simply because you’ve always wanted to live in a certain area. It could be something that you’ve planned for some time or a move that has come out the blue because of circumstances out of your control. Whatever the reasoning, there are some tips to follow when moving to a new area.

Before the move

If you don’t know Market Harborough, or any area that you’re moving to, well, be sure to visit for more than just a day. Stay in a nearby hotel for a couple of nights and get a true feel for the area and what it would actually be like to live there.

The key to making the move is to plan in advance. Things you need to do:

  –   Check local schools, enrolment dates and catchment areas

  –   Pack away your belongings well in advance of the move

  –   Notify your utility providers

  –   Speak to knowledgeable people in the area you’re moving to

  –   Book a removal company

  –   Monitor the local housing market

  –   Research, research, research

  –   Prepare for stress and lots of effort

After the move

Once you’ve got everything packed away and you’re settled into a new job, you can begin getting other aspects of your life back on track, such as finding a new gym nearby for you to join.

If you plan everything in advance, there really won’t be much left for you to do once you’ve de-packed and introduced yourself to the community. Thankfully, Market Harborough has a welcoming community that holds many events for you to get involved in. If you’re keen to introduce yourself to residents and neighbours, hold an open house and invite the people that live on your street.

Advice on moving to Market Harborough

Market Harborough is becoming an increasingly popular town for Londoners to relocate to. Cheaper house prices, good transport links and a better quality of living makes the town an attractive proposition. Trends seem to show that in 2017 more Londoners found residence in nearby towns and villages within commutable distance to the capital. If you’d like to find out more about Market Harborough, click here.

Buying a home in a new area that is unknown to you can be daunting. That’s why it’s important to seek advice from an estate agency with an expert knowledge of the area. At Naylors, we don’t pretend to understand the whole of the UK’s property market – but with over 10 years’ experience working in Market Harborough we do about the town and the surrounding area because that’s where we direct all of our time.

For advice about a move or just information about moving to Market Harborough, get in touch today by calling 01858 450 020.