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Rental stories

Leicestershire hits the top 10 for rental investment

Despite negative headlines about buy-to-let as an investment in the UK, buying a property to rent out in Leicestershire is a savvy move for investors. In fact it could be a better time than ever to invest in a rental property. Here’s why… Leicester is on the up...

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The Art of Buy to Let

Once again the Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee has opted to hold interest rates at 0.5%.  This has been the case since March 2009 or to put it another way the interested rate have remained at this level for the last 32 months. There has been further...

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Rental Properties Take Off

Anyone who regularly follows this article will have pieced together the fact that the autumn has been disappointing from the sales prospective.  There are many reasons for this which have previously been explained albeit from the difficulty of acquiring lending,...

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Energy assessments – are they worth the fuss?

Anyone marketing or renting a property in the last few months should have been visited by a DEA, not a drug enforcement agent, but a Domestic Energy Assessor.  What it all about and is it worth it you might well have thought. The starting point to this issue is the...

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