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Industry change news

200,000 homes a year, could that many really be built?

Britain finally has an improving economy, one that is set to remain in this trend for the foreseeable future. The housing sector, however, will need more houses built to remain financially secure. Although the government has pledged another 200,000 homes a year,...

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Surge in international investors boosts UK property market

Whatever your view of the 2015 UK General Election, the result has sparked renewed activity in the London property market that is expected to echo throughout markets nationwide. It will have an effect on ‘commuter towns’ in particular. With both the dissolution of the...

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Are interest rates set to rise in 2015?

Up until September of 2014 it was generally accepted that the Bank of England’s first interest rate rise would occur in the first quarter of 2015. However, in the past weeks there has been a significant shift in popular opinion regarding the rise, in part due to...

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The end of HIPS

So, it’s happened at last.  The demise of the home information pack (hip) and the return to agents being able to list properties as soon as they are instructed, subject to a few small and non time delaying administration points. As announced last week the new...

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House Price Statistics

Any reader of the newspapers will have come across a range of property statistics and surveys which indicate a wide range of different trends. We are faced on a monthly basis with surveys and analysis from the Land Registry, RICS, Rightmove, Halifax and the...

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