Residential Lettings 

The rental sector of the property market in Market Harborough has experienced a surge in growth over the last few years.  The flexibility of renting over buying appeals to many.  Also, as many first-time landlords enter the market, the supply of new quality rental properties has roughly matched the supply of eager renters.

Market Harborough letting agents

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Our role is to help landlords find the right tenants for their properties and to make sure that tenants have a good experience whilst in rented accommodation. We are the number one rental company for many landlords in the Market Harborough area.

We have a wide selection of houses to rent in Market Harborough and surrounding villages – including town houses, one bedroom flats and village-based properties with land.  If you are a landlord with properties to rent, please call us on 01858 450020, or email

All of our deposits are lodged with The Deposit Protection Service.

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