For every estate agent you ask, each will have their own period that they feel is best for sellers.

All sellers want the process of moving to be seamless. If you have the luxury of deciding when you want to bring your house to market, what is the best time of year to do so?

Ultimately, the best time depends on the profile of your audience and the size of the property. Certain demographics are more likely to look for a property in specific periods of the year and this is ideally when you should be bringing your house to market.

One/two bedroom property

These type of houses or flats are most likely to be bought by young professionals who are first time buyers. This demographic, apart from through the Christmas and summer seasons, are looking for their first buy in a range of months. Whenever a suitably sized deposit has been saved up, this demographic actively start engaging in their search.

Their buying tends to spike after the turn of the year, around February, but so long as you avoid Christmas and summer, you’ll be on your way to a faster sale.

Three/four bedroom property

The three bedroom house is an ideal sized home for a new family. These properties generally tend to attract buyers that are taking the second step on the housing ladder. Four bedroom houses are usually afforded by those on their third or fourth property.

For this demographic it is important to avoid school holidays, most notably the longer summer holidays. Around this time, families will be busy with holidays and looking for childcare. March/April is a good time, as families tend to look before the summer holidays begin.

Five bedrooms +

These larger, luxury properties are more difficult to sell, simply because there isn’t as large a market looking for them. The property needs to be on show for a wide audience, so with the market busiest around March/April time, this is typically a good time to sell a luxury property too.

Spring time selling

As you can see, spring is generally a hotspot for activity in the housing market. Spring time is generally accepted as the safest time for putting a house on the market, regardless of the buyer’s demographic.

Although considered the best time, there are perks to going against the grain. By putting your house on the market later in the year, there is less competition and fewer houses for buyers to look around. This could work in your favour, and the lower number of options available to buyers means that you could hold out for a higher price.

No matter what the time of year, Naylors estate agency is experienced in selling properties in the Harborough area. We have built a reputation in the local area for being straightforward, friendly and efficient.

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