There have been between 700 and 1000 properties on the market for sale at any one moment through the Market Harborough estate agents over the last few years.  With this sort of completion what can you do the make your property standout?

The importance of making your property stand out is obvious and will result in a quick smooth sale and quite possibly a higher sale price.  Presentation is crucial.

There are main aspects to consider on how to fulfil that potential.

Making your property look its best

Photographs will all be colour now on the brochures and the internet, but in order to present you home best it is important to consider the aspect and sunlight.  East facing houses should be photographed in the morning and west in the evening.  It might be necessary for the agent to return to take an extra shot in order to get the front aspect and garden at its best.  Blue sky will add a feel good factor and the right weather should be waited for if possible.  I certain know how frustration this summer has been waiting for an hour to get some blue sky.

Snow or frost will indicate that the property has been on the market for some time and such photos should be updated. Cars should be removed if possible as they distract the eye and after all you’re trying to sell the house and not the car.

It goes without saying that cleanliness in next to godliness and therefore tiding up before the photographer arrives is a must.

A lot of visitors to the area and potential house buyers drive the villages and streets to establish which areas they want to be in.  Signboards do of course work in your favour in drawing their attention to your property.  There are however occasions when a sale board might not be suitable for isolated or empty property.  Sale boards can also result in unannounced viewers which can be unwanted.

Starting point for potential buyers

The internet remains the most popular starting point for most buyers.  The ease to search by price, location and size makes it an ideal tool.  Here photographs and strap lines are crucial to encourage viewers to click through to more details and tempt them to arrange a viewing. is the most popular site and all the agents in Harborough are members.

Local newspapers again retain a strong marketing purpose particularly to the older generation as well as to the local speculative market.  That dream home or village that you might always have wanted to move too can be found here before people realise that they are in the market.

The reality is that through some small steps the presentation of your property can be improved and this can only be to you benefit in terms of a sale and the price achieved.