It has been well documented in this column over the last few months that the market is extremely difficult and that buyers are fewer in number and are determined to drive a hard bargain.

As the market conditions are likely to stay this way over the next few winter months something that all sellers should be looking at is the presentation of their properties.  When there are viewing its important that the property is presented to its best ability in order to excite the viewers.

How to best present your property

The first consideration is decluttering rooms to allow viewers to see the scope and potential.  Remove excess furniture and efforts.  People should be able to walk around the room looking out of windows and imagining were their furniture would go.

More substantial improvement has to be redecorating and in this respect a fresh coat of paint will do wonders to lift a room.  Also perhaps a new carpet, neutral in colour and design, will brighten up the room and give the home a more modern and spacious feeling.  Don’t forget the external painting as well as this is often overlooked and provides the most important first impressions.

We believe that allowing agents to accompany viewers is more likely to generate a sale.  Buyers can relax in our company, we might well have met them already and there is the ability to talk freely and encourage that second viewing or offer.

Garden improvements are difficult in winter but might it be time to refresh the photos to show a more seasonal outlook.  A brown lawn will imply that the property has been on the market for some time.  On the subject of particulars might the addition of floor plans or location plans help?  Can the wording be improved?

First impressions count when viewing a property for sale

As an estate agent we carry out hundreds of viewings every year and it is though those experience that we who know how crucial the first 5 minutes of every viewing is.  Certainly a cheery smile to welcome the viewers, a polite welcome, a tour that will show the best features of the property first, general comments that will help such as how the sun moves around the garden or kitchen.  We know also that silence is golden and that it means that the viewers are considering the property and not just making small talk.  Perhaps a bit of improvement advice of where to install the ensuite or conservatory.

The market is difficult which means that every possible lead has to be worked and maximised.  That way not only will you be proud of your home but you might be negotiating on your new home some that you though. Happy house hunting.