Whether it’s changing the house to your liking or making home improvements to bolster the value of your home, 43% of homeowners have carried out major works on their homes in the last five years.

Selling property in Market Harborough

Not only can home improvements make a home more visually appealing and modern, they can also add a few pounds to your asking price, and attract more interest in your property.

Each year there are different trends and areas of the house that are improved upon. A new study by GoCompare Home Insurance has shown the most popular changes in 2017.

Of homeowners that have carried out home improvements, the most popular are:

  • New bathroom (39%)
  • New kitchen (38%)
  • New boiler/central heating system (34%)
  • Renovation of garden space (26%)
  • Installing double glazing (26%)
  • Building extension (17%)
  • Creating an open-living space (12%)

As a seller, you will, of course, have an interest in the home improvements that will increase the value of your home. In general, smaller scale improvements tend to be more popular with buyers. It can be difficult to second-guess what your potential buyers will prefer but large-scale building projects are normally riskier (and more expensive).

Each audience has different needs, so just because something is on the list above, it doesn’t mean that it’s right for your home. For example, a home that will attract young families will most often want as much outdoor space as possible, therefore an extension is unlikely to be preferred.

Think about who you are appealing to and make changes that they will like.

Selling property in Market Harborough

There is a range of ways to increase the value and interest in your property but you first need to understand the requirements of your target audience.

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