When it comes to selling a home, Market Harborough has plenty of estate agencies to choose from. On the high street alone, you will find numerous options including our own office in the heart of it all on the square. So, how can you, a property seller, decide which of these estate agencies will do the best job for you?

Word of mouth

If any of your friends and family have recently moved home in the area, which estate agent did they use? Was it overall a good or bad experience? Get as much information as you can so you know what to expect from each estate agency.

When an estate agent has reviews like this from the Leicestershire Times, you know that you are on the right track. With so much competition locally, at Naylors, we know how important it is to do an excellent job for our clients. We have plenty of happy customers to vouch for us too.

Knowledge of the area

Knowledge of the area that you are selling a property is a big must. Experience in selling property in the area and awareness of local trends both help in the quest of selling your home. Find an estate agent that is established in the local community and has the experience to match.

As a company, we long ago decided to focus our expertise on Market Harborough and its surrounding villages. We leave the rest of the UK’s property market to experts in that area, but we do have an unmatchable knowledge of Harborough because that’s where we direct all of our time.

Are they active?

One of the best tell-tell signs of a good estate agent is how many properties they have listed. Be warned though, if there are plenty unsold properties, the agency might have a problem overvaluing a home, meaning extra months added to the sale process. Having a good mix of far sale and SSTC properties is the perfect combination for those look for an estate agent to sell their home.

How will the property be marketed?

How will the estate agency advertise your home? Using an estate agency that uses different channels and methods to find a buyer for your home is of course advantageous. What’s more, if they are popular in the local area, they will likely have a list of people waiting to hear about your new to the market property.

At Naylors, we value and list all properties through Rightmove, the UK’s largest online property website. We also post on social channels and occasionally include properties in feature blog posts.

Selling your Harborough home

If you are looking to sell your home in Harborough, get in touch with us today. From flats and bungalows to large country properties, we have helped to sell property with price ranges of £125,000 to £1.5 million.