Market Harborough has recently revealed the completion of St Luke’s Treatment Centre, a new hospital. The introduction of the health centre further bolsters the town’s conveniences, an area which, as well as new housing has grown in recent years.

local amenities are important to buyersThe new hospital will enable Harborough residents to be treated locally rather than travelling to other surrounding cities and towns. The investment is no doubt an impressive and much-needed appeal for buyers looking to move to the Harborough area.

As a result of new residential areas and a growing population, Harborough as a whole has seen an increase in the number of local amenities. Some examples include more convenience shops near to the new residential areas and local schools expanding their intake of pupils.

With population numbers growing it is vital for towns and villages to expand nearby facilities and services. As a seller, the local area is likely to be a key factor in the buying decision so it pays to be clued up on the offering close to your home. So, what amenities are most favoured by would-be buyers?

What do property buyers want nearby?

In a recent poll of over 2,000 people, the most important amenities when considering a house move were a nearby supermarket (49 per cent), Post Office branch (26 per cent), a train or underground station (25 per cent) and a local pub (23 per cent).

Despite the accessibility and speed of home delivery and shopping, the results show that many still like to have physical local essentials. Only 25 per cent of those surveyed were not concerned with having a house within a 15-minute walk of local amenities.

The needs of the public though were shown to vary, as you’d expect, by age and gender. As an example, the over-55s were shown to be the main demographic to favour a physical bank and Post Office nearby. The generational difference was also demonstrated when it came to public transport. Only 20 per cent of over-55s desired a train station or underground, while 38 per cent of millennials had this as a key local amenity.

Buying decision

Of course, local amenities are highly desirable, but they aren’t the be all and end all of the buyer’s decision. There are many influence factors: the home itself, the price, the immediate local area. It’s not a one size fits all factor – different people require different things. Some may be inclined to sway towards having a local pub rather than having a nearby restaurant, for example.

However, if you have good local amenities, be sure to talk about them. If buyers know they can shop locally and get about doing day-to-day tasks with ease, your home is likely to become much more appealing.

Harborough amenities

Harborough now has an abundance of supermarkets, an array of independent and chain shops, a train station home to the nation’s most reliable train service, a number of well-performing schools for all ages and now a new hospital.

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