Market Harborough has been found to have house prices that are rising faster than any surrounding town. Despite the higher prices, buyers are not being put off, and demand for housing in the area is maintaining.

Market Harborough is a housing hot spotAccording to Rightmove, over the past year, detached houses in the area sold for an average of £335,000 – 12 per cent higher than Lutterworth, 30 per cent higher than Leicester and 60 per cent higher than Corby.

Terraced house prices average £199,000 – 20 per cent higher than Lutterworth, 39 per cent higher than Leicester and 55 per cent higher than Corby.

Demand keeping up

So, why is it that people choose Market Harborough? Home Quality Mark (HQM) recently analysed factors behind a buyer’s decision when buying a property. It found that 67 per cent of those surveyed cited their main concern as the community where their new home is located – the attractiveness of living in an area with a strong community still holds strong.

This is potentially a reason why Market Harborough is an attractive proposition for buyers in Leicestershire.

The town has a strong community spirit and regularly performs well in annual surveys: scoring highly in the Halifax Quality of Life Survey 2015 and The Best Places to Live in Britain by the Sunday Times, winning best market town in The Times’ annual Best Places to Live Guide, and currently shortlisted as having one of the country’s best high streets in the Great British High Street competition.

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