With the World Cup over and the extended heatwave winding down, sellers might think that they’ve missed the chance to sell their house in summer but that’s far from true. There is still plenty of time to take advantage of the benefits of selling in the sunnier season.

The old arguments for why you shouldn’t sell in summer are no longer applicable and the season is actually a good time for certain buyers. Here are some of the reasons you should sell in summer:

Benefits of selling Harborough home in summer

Natural kerb appeal

The hardest thing to do as a seller is to get viewers to fall in love with your property. On a beautiful summer’s day, the attractiveness of a property is naturally better than on a gloomy autumn day. When the sun is out and the front garden is well maintained, pretty much every home has a better kerb appeal in summer. Selling in this season takes advantage of this.

The longer evenings also mean that the opportunity for house viewings is longer. Through the summer, people generally do more with their evenings and that means more possible viewings.

Harborough has a charm in summer

It’s not just the property that new movers to the area will be looking at. They will also be exploring the town and looking around, envisaging themselves living here.

Thanks to the work of Harborough in Bloom, Harborough’s town centre has a certain charm in the summertime. There are colourful planters lining the high street (including hanging baskets on our estate agency) and a lovely atmosphere around the place that will only appeal to potential movers.

Perfect season for moving families

Is your house perfect for families? The summer season is an ideal period for families to move. With children out of school and more free time, families will want to make the move before the new school year begins. The summer move means that children can adjust without it disrupting their school work.

Market Harborough also has a range of high-performing schools that parent vie to get their children in catchment for.

Aren’t people too busy in summer?

This is the biggest mistake that sellers can make through summer. The worst thing that can be done is withdraw the house from the market because you believe that people are too busy to think about moving house in summer, but unfortunately many do it.

Serious buyers are set on moving and won’t shift their focus on holidays and summer activities. More often than not, they actually become frustrated that sellers withdraw their homes and their options shrink. Let other sellers take their homes off the market and make yours even more desirable.

Selling a home in Harborough and Leicestershire

If you are looking to sell your home in Harborough or surrounding areas this summer, it’s not too late. Get in touch with our Market Harborough estate agents based in the town’s square. Either pop in for some expert advice or give our experienced team a call today on 01858 450 020 so we can talk you through your options.