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Compulsory purchase and compensation

Utility Services and other acquiring authorities often need access to land for infrastructure across Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Rutland. We have experience of negotiating compensation and practical solutions in line with our clients’ statutory rights.

Compulsory purchase and compensation can be a complicated process, often made more stressful by the fact that it can be a highly emotive area; finding out that land or property is subject to compulsory purchase is often an unwelcome discovery and always has implications for those affected.

With our commercial and technical expertise in this area, Naylors can provide objective and specialist advice to protect your interests,   ensuring the best possible outcome in terms of securing a level of compensation that reflects the true value of the assets you are obliged to relinquish.

Call 01858 450020 or email to speak to a specialist advisor about how we can guide you through the compulsory purchase and compensation process.