The spring and summer are without doubt the best time of year to be marketing residential and rural properties. Everything is starting to look at its best with the grass growing and leaves returning to the trees.  It is also the time that the most determined buyers start looking in order that they can purchase though the summer and complete before the start of the school year in September.

With this in mind estate agent particulars need to be showing the properties in the very best light.

The importance of photography when selling a house

Photography is, of course, the best 1000 words anyone can write.  We believe the need for bright sunny photographs with a blue sky background and neatly mown lawns all add to the aesthetic value of the property.  Outside paint work and a good sweep of paths and drives give prospective buyers the feeling of a well cared for and well maintained property, ensuring it will photograph even better.

Sometimes there is the need to think more laterally.  Recently we marketed a small farm with a bungalow that was rather hemmed in by trees and bushes.  The solution was to arrange an aerial photograph which presented the overall size, beauty of the location and quality of the garden more that the traditional front aspect would have done.

Internal photography requires some consideration and again the need to dress the rooms to shown them in their best light.  Curtains open, fire lit, cushions puffed up all create a homely feeling. Whilst a photo can be a great selling point, poor photos will let the property down.

Floor plans are becoming more popular and allow potential buyers the opportunity to sketch alteration and extensions.

The quality of the brochure is also a reflection of the house.  We believe in professionally printed particulars on good quality paper bring about a quality feel.  This will set the right expectations to the buyer before they even get to the property.  It is all about first impressions and starting on the right foot.

Of course the particulars are designed to attract potential viewers to the property.  After that it is down to the agent to facilitate the sale.  Again we believe in the need for the estate agent to conduct the viewing, pointing the exceptional features of the property, highlighting the benefits of living in such a lovely house, giving you the best opportunity of a successful conclusion.