Whatever your view of the 2015 UK General Election, the result has sparked renewed activity in the London property market that is expected to echo throughout markets nationwide. It will have an effect on ‘commuter towns’ in particular. With both the dissolution of the Mansion Tax for luxury properties, and uncertainty over tax benefits for homebuyers allayed, international buyers have rushed to purchase top-end properties since the Election results were announced, and this heightened activity is set to form a pattern as ‘bottlenecked’ decisions from the start of the year gain traction.

The Conservative win provides a greater stability regarding economic policy, and with planning policies established prior to the election now free to gather momentum, overseas interest in UK and in London real estate in particular has been newly invigorated as both buyer and seller confidence is reinstated. The message sent out by current policies is that Britain is once more a safe investment option. Residential assets above £2m are expected to rise by up to a fifth, while properties in London are likely to double over the next 12 months, and it is locations within commuting distance from the capital that are set to benefit most from reinvigoration of the London property market. With the Stamp Duty increases of December 2014, this remains a concern at the top end of the market and contributes to a higher tax environment than the rest of the country. Those looking to relocate from London will be able both to sell existing properties with unprecedented ease, and to capitalize on the favourable prices elsewhere in the country.

As buyers and sellers take action in the luxury property market, property markets further afield will respond accordingly as the economy is bolstered. The advantageous price differences outside of the capital will mean that it is markets outside of London where the greatest property value increases are expected, with the biggest growth also predicted in markets outside of the capital.

Moving from London to Market Harborough

Those hoping to relocate will find the transition from London to Market Harborough smooth. As well as an excellent rail link to the capital and many local farms, parks, shops such as Jacks luxury wear, Bates the Butchers and home-grown style bastion, Joules, make Market Harborough reminiscent of London’s upmarket Hampstead or Richmond, and Harborough is better-placed than ever to benefit from latest political and market developments and exciting projection of economic growth.

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