Moving home is considered as one of the most stressful things in life, so when you throw into the mix all of the other things that require attention around the festive season (food, parties and presents to name but a few) it’s easy to see why it can become a hectic time.

Nevertheless, moving into a new home during the festivities can make Christmas extra special. You will undoubtedly feel that all the effort was worth it when you and your family are opening presents in the new home on Christmas morning.

To help with your Christmas house move, we’ve come up with some tips to help you move without any difficulties.


If your move is going to go smoothly, plan ahead. Get a move date confirmed with all parties well in advance and book a removal company early. Opening times and availability can vary around Christmas time so book your removal company early to ensure it’s all at hand.

Pack decorations and presents in the same boxes

Whether you move into your home in mid-December or on Christmas Eve, you’ll want to create a festive feeling in your home for the big day – especially if you’ve got little ones. Decorating your home may be one of the first things you’ll want to do once moved in so be sure to label relevant boxes clearly so you know where everything is.


When moving, especially at Christmas, sometimes the little things can slip your memory. Be sure to remember to tell your utilities providers about your move date so you don’t spend Christmas without water, heating or electricity. The last thing you’ll want over Christmas is no electricity to light the Christmas tree and no gas to cook the turkey in the oven.

Prepare for bad weather

Snow and Christmas go hand in hand. When you’ve got no plans, snow is a wonderful sight but if you’re moving house it can be a pain. To prepare for the worst weather conditions, grit your paths and driveway for easy access in and out your home and lay old newspapers and magazines to prevent mud being walked into your house.

Estate agency in Market Harborough

It’s too late to maneuver a move for this Christmas but if you are considering a move in the near future, the New Year could be a good time to do so. To kick-start your plans to move house in 2018, get in touch with Naylors Estate Agents today on 01858 450020.